Events organized by Artea Ethnographic Association

Museo vivo

Day of the Living Museum

With different artisants showing their skills in different sections of the museum.

Amasado del pan - Herri oratzea

Herri Oratzea

Kneaded and baked bread and products in wood oven. Free workshop for children kneading bread.

JUNE – 21 th
Solsticio de verano

Summer Solstice

“Kalejira” (parade) with traditional animals sculptures carried by schoolchildren, fire and rituals. Free tasting of fine local  “morcilla” (cold meat).

NOVEMBER – 3rd. Saturday (12 to 14 h.)


Singed, butchering and preparation of sausages and black pudding, free tasting “txitxiki



“Kalejira” (parade) through the historical center and final party in Goiko Plaza. The weekend before the Olentzero (Christmas Charcoal maker) receives letters from children at the Museum.

MAY – 3rd. Sunday
Concurso de pintura

Painting Competition Outdoor “Villa de Artziniega”

Later the works presented are shown in our facilities.

MAY – 18th.
Jornada de puertas abiertas

International Museums Day

Open Day.



Festivities of Artziniega

Artziniega traditional festivals in honor of the Virgen de la Encina organized by gangs of youths and municipal associations with the funding of the City.

Viernes anterior al día 8 de septiembre


September 8th: Local Festivity – Nuestra Señora de la Encina.

Previous day Saturday, September 8th
Carrera de bombonas

Gas cylinders race in Goienkale

More than 20 years ago Goma Bi gang organized the first Gas cylinders ace. The competition is to go as fast as possible the cobbled street in pairs carrying a bottle. It is an activity that brings a lot of public.

Following day Saturday, September 8th

Popular pic-nic in front of the Sanctuary

On the occasion of the coronation of the Virgen de la Encina in 1954, it was celebrated with a big party that attracted people from different places. To commemorate that date was born the popular pic-nic on the Oak “Campa”, where much of Artziniega people up to eat in a festive atmosphere. In the afternoon, after the Salve in the Sanctuary is lowered to the people singing and dancing to the brass band. When the procession reaches the first houses, people crowd under the windows to get wet with water that is released from them.

In the usual program included after Txupinazo, concerts, festivals, ball games, popular “alubiada” (typical stuffed beans) in the pediment, gangs dinner, cooking contests, sports competitions, Basque rural sports between gangs, playback, morcillada, mus championship, etc. ..

3rd Saturday in September
Mercado medieval

Medieval market

Celebrated since 1998, 5th centenary of the Sanctuary.Considered one of the best markets of old acclimated in Euskal Herria, it has a large participation of residents dressed in the old style.