Ancient commercial crossroads. The Tower-Houses and the 47 coats of arms on their facades give testimony to its illustrious past.

With a river passing through the village it is situated 220 metres above sea level and surrounded by mountains of 600 metres in height. It occupies an expanse of 28.5 km2 and has a population of 1,900 inhabitants, tripling in the holiday period. The local gastronomy and its homemade products have their own character: sausage meats, cheeses, young lamb, cider, “txakoli” etc are noteworthy products on the best table. The village also has an extensive infrastructure for the practice of indoor or outdoor sports.

Plano centro Villa

The forge of Pablo Respaldiza.

Building in the historic town of Artziniega and integral part of the Ethnographic Museum.

1.- Village Main Door.
2.- Ortiz de Molinillo Tower.
3.- Square.
4.- Monteano-Oribe Salazar Tower (actually Convent).
5.- The Parish Church.
6.- Library. Retirement home.
7.- Mansion.
8.- Bengoa Tower.
9.- Mansion.
10.- De la Mora Palace.
11.- Mansion.