The mill, in its various forms, is as old as the hills. Among them the watermill has been captured in the famous Spanish refrain “Agua pasada no mueve molino” (It’s no good crying over spilt milk).

In chapter I of the regional law code compiled by Fernán López de Ayala in 1373, we can read: "Otrosí todo hombre fidalgo pueda ganar rueda o molino en su heredad o en el ejido aforándolo con abonadores fijosdalgo, o haciendo presa con vigadiza e pasando al agua al solar de la rueda o molino y haciendo harina con perro, gallo y gato".

This explains that any noble man could build a mill on his property, on common land authorised by other nobles or could also acquire the right to build it if a liane extended to the other side of the river and no one cut it in the period of a year.