This MUSEUM has been managed by the Artea Ethnographic Association until 2022 and was created in 1984 and extended in 2004. It is currently managed by Artziniega Town Council.

It is a renovated historic building, which houses a wide and varied exhibition of 1,700 m2, distributed in seventeen spacious rooms. Through them, you can enjoy the recreation of the rural and urban lifestyles of the inhabitants of the region.

The exhibition is completed with a further 2,000 m2 outside, where a modern building houses other sections as well as temporary exhibitions and an open-air amphitheatre that brings to life a variety of cultural performances.

All visits are guided and can be personalised on request.

Visits and activities for families are very attractive and interesting, bridging the gap between ancient and modern ways of life. Activities such as the ancient baking and kneading of bread, the celebration of the solstices, the animals in the stable and various workshops related to the ancient trades… delight the little ones.

The museum.